1/1/15 – Epilogue: My FINAL POST (Goodbye and Thank You!)

Thank You WordPress and Thank You Charmander

It’s here… it’s finally here… To quote Doctor Who to really capture how I felt: “I don’t wanna go.” (Many feels ensue)

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Anyway, here we go:

I started this blog on December 31st 2013.
2013 was rough for my writing. I had accomplished very little compared to 2012 and that’s a feeling NO writer should ever feel. So I made a silly resolution for myself. I said. “Hey, why not write every day for a whole year and see where that gets you?”
And so I did.

I started on December 31st with a Prologue, stating what I’m doing and why. I was telling no one, no audience whatsoever, just telling myself I had to do this. I had to make this blog to better myself and accomplish my dream as a writer.

And then January first came. I started with a simple post about Trends and Good feelings. How with a new year, I can create a new start of self accomplishment. And 365 days later, I f***ing accomplished my goal. I had made it all the way to December 31st, writing a post every single day.

I wrote Poems, short fiction, nonfiction, rants, dreams, and life posts, every day, just putting words on a paper FOR MYSELF. But what I did not expect, was all of you.

You, my readers on WordPress, really helped me with this goal. Within the first week, I had followers, likes, and comments. I had a YouTube channel around the same time that was lacking in followers, so what brought me down, was instantly brought back up by you! I ended the year with about two hundred followers. That’s 200 of you who discovered me and decided I was interesting enough to read.  I know that 200 isn’t a lot for some of you, and 200 is something for newbies, but that’s the thing, I am a newbie. I had absolutely nothing but my words. My tags are atrocious and I’m terrible at marketing myself. I barely show my posts to anyone I know in real life. So 200, just from my words? That’s because you all are FREAKING awesome. Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal. Thank you for the likes, And THANK you for being there to read my work. It really means a lot to me. Please follow my other blog, I plan to post (not as frequently of course 😉 at least not yet XD). And let me continue reading your words!

Writing for a whole year, every day, was REALLY a learning experience as I writer. The greatest lesson I ever learned is that there really is no such thing as “writer’s block.” Yeah we get creative blocks that really hold us on our tracks, but being forced to write every day, I learned that if I type a bunch of words on a page for long enough, something will spark, and a whole story could be written. I also learned that every single day, there’s always a new experience that can inspire my writing. It could be a conversation I overheard, it could be the way the sun looked on a particular day, or it could be an emotion that struck my heart that I needed to have said. There truly is no excuse for someone to not work on their writing due to a block. Not for days and days at least. There’s a million ways to overcome it, you just have to find it. And the final lesson I learned about writing is that I REALLY freaking need an editor. My God did I make a lot of reckless mistakes, run ons, tense errors, or even the wrong word usage. But despite not having an editor for a blog that is in no way a professional or profitable blog, I realized that no matter how terrible I feel about my writing, someone was there to read and appreciate my work. THANK YOU.

Today is January 1st and I’m writing my epilogue as I had written a prologue. I had no idea I would complete my New Year Resolution, but I did. And I learned that there’s a wonderful Community of writers and readers on WordPress. It really has been an amazing journey for me to write to you all on A Written Year 2014. Maybe I’ll come back another year. Who knows. 🙂

Thank you so much WordPress. Feel free to browse this blog to find posts you loathe or love. You may search by their titles or keywords such as: “Strange Dreams” “RANTS:” “One Sentence Fiction” and other titles.

I dedicate my blog to my best friend Charmander who passed away this year. I had written about my trip to see her in this blog labeled as “my best friend” posts([19/3/14] [30/5/14] [31/5/14] [1/6/14] [8/6/14] [20/10/14]) . Please feel free to search. She really helped push me to keep writing. My beautiful friend told me when I was at her bedside, that I should never give up writing, and I should never doubt myself. She read posts off this blog, and told me how they made her feel. I am so happy to have known an amazing friend, and although I always become sad when I think of her, I can’t help but thank her, every day, for inspiring new courage in me. Miss you Charmander. “Woo woo, Word to Your mother.”

Thank you WordPress and Thank You Charmander: AKA Rocio Flores. ❤


31/12/14 – We are Tiny Little Kites

Once upon a time, the sky was filled with tiny little kites.
Diamonds of Polyester littered the skies,
like the twinkling night made its invasion during the day.

I remember when the strong wind came,
my hair whispered a coming gust
a perfect wave to pull my Polyester friend high.

The rainbow sky matched the rainbow beach.
With our eyes to the sky, we saw what our kites had done for us.
They were unique of shape and color, and they represented our souls.

We flew, although held to the earth by a small strand,
we felt our wings, and we taste such freedom.

Our lives went up and down with the tumults of the blowing wind.
We sent little signals down our strings,
saying our hellos and goodbyes.
We were thrashed about, and we swayed peacefully.
There was so much for us in that sky, so much space to twist and turn.
And I want to explore it all.

I started with trends and good feelings.
Since the dawn of January,
hoping to follow the same path of my yesteryear.
But I’ve felt the thrashing and the tugs of the bad,
and the soothing dance of the good
But I’m still flying in this air, showing my proud colors
beside all of you.

Good and bad,
I welcome all winds ahead.